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by David Shephard

Is it time to rediscover the ancient magic?

Many people believe that at one time there was just one esoteric teaching on the planet, and that all people living on the Earth lived by this one teaching. As time progressed different peoples deviated from that original teaching and created the wide variety of spiritual and religious systems we find around the planet today. Because of the geographical remoteness of the Hawaiian islands, Huna remained purer and many believe Huna to be the most direct link to the ancient wisdom.

Is it time to learn the secrets of The Kahuna and understand why this knowledge was outlawed?

The ancient Hawaiian Kahuna guarded the secrets of esoteric knowledge concerning the universe. This knowledge enabled them to perform amazing feats of healing and magic. In the 18th century the missionaries arrived in Hawaii, Huna was made illegal and the teachings all but vanished. Fortunately, the ancient wisdom was preserved, hidden in the Hawaiian language and chants so that once again people can learn and benefit from these most powerful teachings.

If you too are feeling that it is time to reconnect with the ancient ways then join us for a very special weekend and embark on a journey of learning and exploration.

During the weekend you will be introduced to many of the core concepts and beliefs that embody the Huna system. The concepts are easy and simple to understand enabling you to use them quickly and easily in everyday life. You will learn and experience many techniques for personal transformation and empowerment that can put the magic back into your life.

The Higher Self connection.

The Hawaiians believed that we all have a Higher Self, Super Conscious Mind or Holy Guardian Angel. The Higher Self has the ability to make everything in life the way you want it. The culmination of the weekend is the Higher Self Connection. Many of our Huna students have said that this powerful initiation process has been the most transformative and enlightening experience they have ever had. Others have said it has enabled them to make major breakthroughs in their lives.

You will also experience:

  • Ancient Hawaiian chants.
  • The Huna model of the 3 minds: Ku, Kanaloa and Kane.
  • The prime directives of the unconscious mind (Ku) – a most comprehensive guide to the way your unconscious mind works automatically and naturally.
  • Learn Ha breathing – simple breathing techniques to increase your energy and create emotional balance.
  • Much of the Kahuna’s skills came from their ability to enter a state of increased awareness at will. The state was called Hakalau – Learn how to enter this state rapidly and easily.
  • Ho’o Aka Manawa – Release limitations from the past.
  • La’au Kahea – Learn and experience some of the most powerful tools for spiritual and emotional healing.
  • Ho’o pono pono – an ancient and powerful process for aligning your relationships past and present, and truly letting go.
  • Working with the 5 elements Keawe, Ahi, Makani, Wai and Honua.
  • The prime directives of Aumakua (Higher Self).
  • The Higher Self Connection initiation.

What can happen after you reconnect?


Most people remember a time in their life when they believed and experienced magic. As we go through the process of growing up and being sensible the magic begins to fade until it only exists in movies. The spark fades, the wonder diminishes and the fire goes out. By reconnecting with the ancient teachings of Huna you can reignite that fire. Once again you can experience the magic and wonder and apply it in all areas of your life.

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Other Information

This is what you can expect:

  • No of days : 2 days
  • Study material will be handed out to you on the first day
  • Time table : 10.00 – 18.00.
  • Prior education: No prior education needed/No prior NLP education needed
  • Language: English
  • Location: Near Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • Investment: €499,-

Dates & Timetable

This course will be held on 16 & 17 december 2017 near Utrecht, right in the middle of the Netherlands. The course will start at 10 AM and will last until around 18:00 PM.vinden in de agenda

Training Venue

The Huna be held near Utrecht Netherlands, which is in the middle of the Netherlands. Utrecht can be be easily reached by car or by train. From Amsterdam Airport it is a 40 minute drive either by car or by public transport. Please contact us if you need any assistance with booking accommodation in or around the venue. We’re happy to assisst.


De training zal worden gehouden in ons eigen Inspirationcenter in Utrecht. 5 minuten met de auto vanaf de afslag op de A12 en parkeren kan hier gratis.  Ook zeer goed bereikbaar met het openbaar vervoer. Het is slechts 5 minuten met de bus vanaf Utrecht Centraal Station.


The investment for Huna workshop is €499,- (free from VAT). There is a early bird discount available. Please note that lunch is not included

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