Talk your walk. Not walk your talk.

I’ve heard many people talking about “walking your talk.” Really? I’m sure you’ve heard it yourself. But is that really how you want to live your life? Is that really authentic? It’s kind of like saying you’re try to live up to an image that is not really you.

A well known guru once said to his students,
”What you are looking for is YOU.”
It’s really about Being…who you are.

Why not learn to talk your walk? Teach what you teach from your own experience. Be who you are and go in the direction that is right for you.

When you come from being, you realize there is not nearly as much to memorize, rehearse or even hide. You do have to be cool with making mistakes, having flaws and having people see them but then you may realize it’s not as big of a deal as you thought. You become free to be you and evolve in a way that is you, naturally…presenting…yourself.

See, I’ve not ever had the urge to be “rich or famous” yet many

of the people I’ve trained have come to earn 6 and even a few 7( yes 7) figure incomes and/or have become internationally known and respected. My lack of interest in that area certainly hasn’t held students back and in fact I think it’s why many have flown as high as they have. When they see that we all have the chance to be who we are, they can pursue what’s right for them and make their own unique contribution in whatever form that may be.

So above all it is really about Being Who YOU Are. All the processes and techniques are really just about how to bring out more of who you are and to provide others with tools to do the same

My job is to teach you solid skills so you can go in what ever direction you want to go.

Who is John Overdurf

John Overdurf photoJohn Overdurf is an internationally recognized therapist, coach, and Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis and also the  Co-Developer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.  He is the co-author of the popular book Training Trances: Multilevel Communication in Therapy and Training which is used internationally in hypnosis schools, as well as university graduate and medical programs.  His other book, Dreaming Realities is considered a definitive text in working with dreams.  He is known as a prolific developer of long list of models and therapeutic patterns that are taught worldwide.

Since 1979, John has been doing therapy and coaching in every imaginable setting- from hospitals and mental health facilities, to universities, to individuals, small businesses and large corporations. He has delivered hundreds of NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis trainings to small and large groups international as well as being featured keynote speaker for International NLP Conferences.  There are very few trainers that have the kind of depth, and richness of experience that John possesses. Many he has trained over the last 30 years have gone on to become well-known, internationally respected coaches, hypnotherapists and trainers, themselves.

As a former professor of psychology, John brings a strong background in neuroscience which he blends with extensive field experience in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP and delivering training in these areas.

Being a prolific innovator/developer in the fields of NLP, Hypnosis and HNLP he has always been motivated to find the synergy between precise technical skills and creative, artistic mastery- the true spirit of HNLP.

At this point in his life he is dedicating himself to assist Coaches, NLP and Hypnosis professionals and enthusiasts find this synergy within themselves and experience levels of sophistication and artistry well beyond what is generally taught at NLP Certification Trainings. Much of what you will learn cannot be found in books and will make all the difference in the results you get with your students and client… and you never know how far a change will go!

What will you learn

  • The optimal state in which to teach and train
  • How to increase your ability to accurately read your audience’s unconscious responses
  • How to use your body to add power and conviction to your message
  • How to use your voice to create multiple levels of communication
  • How to use your body and voice to create irresistible and predictable responses in your audience.
  • Hypnotic principles which can be used in business and corporate settings to increase learning and create transformation
  • How to elicit and sequence power states of learning and motivation
  • How to design presentations from a 20 minute speech to 12 day trainings
  • Installation of beliefs and values to add power to what ever content you are teaching
  • Key universal strategies for optimal learning
  • How to present hypnotically to trigger accelerated unconscious learning
  • Brain entrainment strategies
  • How to stabilize states of optimal absorption and learning in an audience
  • How to have fun, being you in front of an audience of any size
  • The art of storytelling, use of compelling and practical metaphors from short anecdotes to complex extended metaphor and multiple-embedded metaphors
  • How to move an audience to action
  • Chaining states to create entertainment and massive transformation in your audience
  • Priming the brain for learning whatever you are teaching
  • Formatting the unconscious mind
  • Become armed with the information and techniques that are rooted in the most current proven research
  • Powerful Principles of Attention-Shifting to produce rapid unconscious shifts in your audience
  • How to handle questions for increased clarity and transformation
  • In-depth training in doing demonstrations
  • Deliver a message that is factual, informative and emotionally powerful!

Please download a detailed course description

Who is this training for

This is an advanced course for those who want to become dynamic, professional presenters with amazing skill sets for delivering information, teaching skills and transforming audiences of any size.

Most people enrolling are usually Certified Master Practitioners. Proof of Certification as NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner is required for admission into the Certification Evaluation.

To take the course (without certification), you should be at least an NLP Practitioner with paid professional experience using NLP, Hypnosis and/or working with groups.

Please email me if you have questions about whether you qualify.



  • Certification and current knowledge of NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner levels, endorsed by a certified  institute/organization. Valid copies of certificates should be handed over with enrollment.
  • All participants will be screened by NLP_AC  prior to admission.
  • A copy of a valid proof of identity (passport) with a recent photo is handed over with enrollment.
  • Previous experience with training or presenting to groups is recommended, but not required.


How is this training structured?


The course officially begins approximately one month prior to the on-site training in Scottsdale with a series of weekly downloads on training content, attention-shifting and other information which lends itself to self study. You are really going to enjoy this content. Almost all of this is from live trainings so you can learn on many levels, personally, learning new linguistic skills and of course training level skills.

You will also receive a thorough listing of NLP content you should study for the evaluation test if you are taking evaluation.

Also included will be entrainment programs to prepare you consciously and unconsciously for optimal learning and functioning.

The Live Training

The live training consist of three exciting modules.

The first module is all about world class presentation skills
You will learn how to be the best presenter you can be and persuade your audience with your performance. This module is also an excellent choice if you are a NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner and have a strong desire to become an outstanding presenter because you are frequently presenting to your colleagues, clients of Board of Directors.

Since John is teaching the entire training himself as well as supervising the exercises you’ll realize we are all in this together with the goal of getting better each day. To provide you with even more attention, you’ll be benefit from the amazing staff of VERY seasoned and talented Certified NLP Trainers to assist during exercises. (I am blown away at how the quality of our assistants- both as trainers and people!)

The second module is all about world class NLP Training and Leadership Skills.
In this module you’ll be integrating anchoring and chaining and using attention-shifting linguistic skills to create outrageously transformative states in your audience. You will realize your skills have been kicked up a few notches from where you started!

The 3rd Module: Certification Evaluation

 If you are going on for certification you’ll have one day off, then proceed to evaluation. The first day is the written test which will comprehensively cover classic NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner content. You will most likely have known months ahead what will be covered, and you will have plenty of time to prepare on your own as well as having lots of prep with

others who are going on for evaluation, so you will be prepared.

In years past, virtually everyone has passed the test, It is by no means an walk in the park and is something you can be proud of.

The next three days of evaluation consist of two days of presentations and one day of doing demos. For the presentations, you can use one presentation you’ve done previously during the training. The other presentation will be a new topic that you will receive just prior to evaluation. Both presentations need to cover classic NLP content taught at a Practitioner or Master Practitioner training.

The other component is the demo day. You’ll have already seen and had ample time to practice each of the possible processes that you could be evaluated on.

You will select your demo subject from your group, teach the steps and get the shift. BUT like I said you’ll have SO much more practice and instruction up-front, this will feel like another teaching day where you can learn more nuances as the day progresses.

You are CertIfied! CELEBRATE!

Of Course, there will be yet another celebration!

You will know you’ve been through a real high point in your life and that you truly earned your credential. Along with that you will be feeling your connection to a lineage when you return home.

A new chapter in your life is beginning…

The Details

Course Dates: Home Study

Preparation for Uncommon Leadership; Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself
Aug 14, 2015 – to Sept 13, 2015


Uncommon Leadership; Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself
Sept 14th , 2014 – Sept 27th 2015, Sept 21st is a day off.
1pm – 7pm with some morning sessions

NLP Trainer Certification Evaluation
Sept 28th, 2015 –  Oct 1st 2015

Course Location:

Revaleiland 1


  • Enrollment Deposit: €1.000,-
  • Includes all Pre-course MP3s and pdf manuals.
  • Balance of tuition due 60 days prior to the start of the training.

Module 1 : World Class Presentation Skills
September 14th – September 19th
Investment: €2.197,-

Module 2: More World Class NLP Training and Leadership skills
September 21st – September 26th
Investment: €2.197

Module 3 : Certification & Evaluation
September 28th – October 1st

€5.500,- for complete Trainer’s Training and Certification Evaluation Tuition

Course fees are exempted from VAT

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

I understand I have fourteen (14) days to cancel this agreement and have 100% of my deposit refunded. After these fourteen (14) days I understand that there is a minimum non-refundable cancellation fee of 50% per training. Cancellation costs after August 1st, 2015 are 100%.

Certified Trainer of NLP and HNLP Requirements

– Successful completion of Uncommon Leadership; Hypnotically Presenting…Yourself
– Successful completion of Certification Evaluation
pass comprehensive written test of classic NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner information.
successful presentation of 2 content areas, one from presentation done at Trainer’s Training and one must be a new topic.
successful demonstration of a classic NLP process or technique on demand.
– Effective management of mental/emotional state and behavior
– Agree to and sign ethics agreement
– Payment of evaluation tuition (included in full training and certification package.)

What if you are already a certified trainer of NLP?

Well, that’s cool too, because we offer ten (10) certified trainers of NLP the possibility to come and review John’s training. The investment for this is €2999,-. However this does not includes certification. In the case you would like to be certified by John there’s a additional fee of €1.500. For this option the invoice has to be paid within 30 days from the invoice date. Please send us an email if you would like to use this option.

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